Northern Tier: Training Day 1

June 2, 2013 in Northern Tier

Well, I finished my first official day of training. Along with the training we got staff polo shirts, a belt, and custom Arborwear pants. If you have never heard about Arborwear, look it up (right here). They are so thick, I think I could probably use it to splint a broken arm or something. They are the thickest pants I've ever seen, and returning staff say that like boots, they take a couple weeks and a few washes to get completely broken in. So, after we got all geared up with our anything-proof pants, all of the new staff were separated into what they call brigades. Every brigade has a name, and ours if "Dogtrot." Every brigade gets their own little cabin which will be our home for the next week. Each brigade consists of five new staffers is paired up with some experienced staff who will hang out with us for the training period and then go on what they call a "Swamper", or practice trip with us next week. So today in training today we pretty much just went over all of the boring stuff that we did online before we came, like weather safety, safe swim defense, and youth protection. Tomorrow we begin the first aid training which should take a few days, and then finally we get out onto the water to practice canoeing techniques.

So as far as internet connection here, there is some good news and some bad news. They have four computers here for access for the staffers, so every time I am on base, I will be able to update you with whats going on. However, the computer towers themselves are all locked up so there is no way for me to upload any pictures or anything from a flashdrive. So the only way for me to get pictures out here would be if I got a ride into town which may not always be available. Worst case scenario, you will just have to wait until I get back to see all the pictures. Don't worry, I will take plenty.

***I found a way to upload pictures, so here ya go!
Moose Lake after Dinner

Moose Lake again!

My home for the next week