Northern Tier: Training Day 2

June 3, 2013 in Northern Tier

Well, today was another pretty boring day. I mentioned earlier that today we would start the Wilderness First Aid training. Well, since I already had that they put me in a group to do "work projects." I got lucky with the work projects today. Instead of hauling huge rocks to build portage trails, I was sent to the commissary. Our group of six bagged 50 pounds of freeze dried carrots into 1.5 oz bags. So then 500 bags later, they brought in the raisins. We had to separate 250 pound raisins into 9 oz bags. Lets just say the floor was a little sticky after that. After lunch I was moved to a different work group that was assigned to maintenance. We were given industrial weed whackers (check it out) to trim around all of the cabins. That wasn't too bad, but its a good thing I was wearing my arborwears, cause the grass up here is thick and the weed whacker gets really messy. So that was pretty much my day. I'm pretty sure I will be doing similar things tomorrow as other people finish up their training. Oh, I also got my nametag today, so I'm officially on staff now.

Nothing really picture worthy to post today. I'll get some of my brigade up soon.