Northern Tier: Training Day 4

June 5, 2013 in Northern Tier

So now that everyone finished up their Wilderness First Aid, I started up again with training today. We learned naviagtion, route planning, radio procedures, trail sanitation, and emergency duties. So after that, the real event of the day was swim tests. Yay! So since I'm a lifeguard they recruited me to help facilitate. We took a one hour van ride to Babbit High School cause their 75 degree pool is alittle more comfortable than Moose Lake at this time of the year. That was pretty fun, and we got everyone through in about an hour with no major issues. Unfortunately, because of the time it took to do the swim tests we were delayed for dinner and just finished up around 8. besides that it was a pretty good day, and since everyone was forced to take a shower, camp will smell better for a couple days.