Northern Tier: Training Day 6

June 7, 2013 in Northern Tier

Today I'm posting early because we finished training early! Finally after all of the lectures and classroom training we got out onto the water today. For those of you who went on the Okpik trip this past winter, we pretty much paddled right to the campsite we were at. I got the shoulder burning experience of portaging the canoe for half a mile also. We learned the C-stroke, J-stroke, Pry stroke, and how to rotate canoes and whatnot. Mom, today we did have to swamp our canoes. After lunch we did swamping, because we need to know how to recover if it ever happens out on the trail. The 45 degree water was super cold, but with all the moving around we did and the paddle back in to the landing, we were able to warm up a bit. Then we hit the showers and the sauna and have the afternoon off. I'm currently doing my laundry because on base they have this thing called personal hygiene, I don't know, whatever, we are supposed to be clean I guess. tonight there is a shuttle from base into town for last minute gear and sight seeing and whatnot. Looking forward to it.

Mom, I did get your package, thanks for the food too!