Northern Tier: Training Day 7

June 8, 2013 in Northern Tier

I have survived a week!!! Today was a very interesting day. 20 alumni arrived on base, we got 2 crews in, we continued training, and finalized the rout efor our swamper. The training is finally coming to an end. Today we learned how to use the stoves, packs, put up bear bags, and navigate through the wilderness. Also today, we found out that we are going for a dawn paddle on Monday morning. Our swamper would have started on Monday, but the permits got messed up so it starts Tuesday, but we ended up getting day permits for Monday. We are going to go to bed really early tomorrow because we are getting up at 3 am and hopefully will have Mnoose Lake behind us as the sun rises.  We have planned a 30 mile day trip with all of our gear as if we were on an actual trip. As for our swamper which starts on Tuesday, we are goind to slow up the pace a little and do 80 miles in the five days of paddling. Tomorrow is Alumni Day, which means that past staff meembers are coming back to teach different skills like stormproofing camp and building fires in the rain. Its pretty much a big party day which ends with Christmas in June where all staff receive a present. First years like me get a Charlie guide, which is a journal with hundreds of entries about pretty much anything about the boundary waters. Other returning staff get differenet gifts too. Its gonna be a pretty chill day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting a break for once before we hit the water early on Monday! Here are the routes for my trips.
Day Trek route

Swamper Route