Evolve OS Alpha 1 first impressions

July 10, 2014 in Linux

A beautiful thing about the world of Linux is that the possibilities are endless. Unlike Windows and OSX where you have to wait years for a new desktop environment, Linux gives developers the ability to create their own! That is exactly what Ikey Doherty has done with Evolve OS.

Evolve OS is an all new flavor of Linux that comes with a brand new desktop environment (Budgie). The OS is super lightweight and slightly (design-wise) based off of Chrome OS. Yesterday I had the chance to download the Alpha and fire it up in a virtual box for some testing.

My first impressions were great. It is a beautifully designed OS with a very simple install process (very similar to Ubuntu/Debian). Below are a couple screen shots of the install. It was a very smooth process and gave you a nice summary of everything before beginning the install. The complete installation on my virtual machine (with an SSD) took just under 10 minutes!

Language Selection menu

Installation Summary

Like pretty much every Linux distribution, it comes with a few default programs like the Firefox Web Browser, a File Explorer, and gedit. Evolve OS also comes with a handy weather app. Although not fully featured yet, I really like the feel of the OS and will follow it closely as it continues development

Here's a quick list of features that I noticed are not yet done.

  1. Theme Customization
  2. Pinning Apps to Taskbar
  3. Full-Featured Package Manager (in development - eopkg)
  4. Full-Featured File Explorer (right-click functions)
  5. Notifications
  6. Mouse scrolling
  7. Bunches of Customization options (menu, taskbar)

I'm sure there are tons others that I missed, but thats the beauty fo being able to test a bleeding edge OS! Like an open-source project, the source is open (whodda thunk it?), and you can check it out on github! If you would like to try it out fir yourself, go ahead and download it and fire it up yourself (note: there is no warranty and because its in Alpha, it probably WILL BREAK!!!).

Bonus screenshots!

Login screen

Firefox web browser

File Explorer

Budgie Desktop menu

Weather application


Overall, I'm very impressed with what has been done so far. This project is unique in that it is completely new, not based off of an existing flavor of Linux like Ubuntu and others like it. I'm excited to test it out more and see how much it will develop in the coming months/years!