I have recently gotten into wildlife photography and birding. Check out some of my favorite photos!

Fishing Stats

Yearly fishing stats from the family fishing trip. See how the distribution of fish in Marion Lake has changed over the years.


Just some of my favorite recipes. By no means a compllete cookbook, but these are recipes that I cook all the time.

Django Seed

Django-seed uses the faker library to generate test data for your Django models. This has been forked from django_faker in order to support newer versions of Python and Django Django-seed allows you to write code to generate models, and seed your database with one simple command!

DRF Generators

Writing APIs can be boring and repetitive work. Don't write another CRUDdy view in Django Rest Framework. With DRF Generators, one simple command will generate all of your Views, Serializers, and even Urls for your Django Rest Framework application!